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You and Me

by Zahra

I am not you and you are not me
you were there when i was in need
but you are not what i want to be

It's okay to feel joy and its okay to feel hurt
but its not okay to hurt myself
it's not right to allow you to make me inert

I am strong and i have beauty
you're just a mask i thought i needed
but i'll shed you in time ; that's my goal and duty

I have so much love to give and now i'll give it to myself
you took more than a fair share
Absorbing every drop and keeping it all to yourself

Lastly Mia,

I don't hate your existence and I don't fear your voice
I realize now that i don't need to
So it's finally time to say what i should have long ago
From you I've learnt a lot...Goodbye and thank you.

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