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Years of eating disorders

I have been in successful bulimia recovery since May 4, 2011! With almost a year under my belt purge free, I realize that the scars are still with me. I am still binging just about everyday- always towards the end of the day. I eat very little during the day to compinsate.

Having the education that I do now, I now know that I have had binge eating disorder since the seventh grade. Ever since then, I will go in spurts of eating massive amounts of food and then feel extremely guilty and eat nearly nothing the following day. After overcoming bulimia, I have found it extremely difficult to stop my binge eating disorder. It scares me when I eat because I feel so out of control. I try to eat just one treat when I think that I have the control, but then it turns into a down spiral of binging until I fall asleep that night.

My poor boyfriend has been through so much with me and my disorder that I do not want to bother him with this because he is just thrilled I've overcome bulimia. I feel like I have absoultely no where to turn to because consuelors are so expensive and I cannot afford one. This is very difficult.

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