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worst pain is when your face feels bruised

It's one of those things that I never imagined I would be struggling with. This compulsion of b/p and obsession with weight has completely taken over my life. I have been making bad decisions and feel like there is no hope sometimes. I think the worst part is being better for about a month and then returning to the abyss. Sadly, my body has rebelled against me and my face suffers the most. I reach a point where I can no longer purge, instead forcing me to retain all that sugar, bad fats and chemical additives. My face goes crazy, as it swells to twice its size; my gums swell up and hurt, as if I had bad bruises. My eyes change color. Worst part is that I came clean to my family about this, and they are inconsistent with help. For one, I asked them not to bring lots of junk home.... Well, cookies and chips galore. On top of it, I get blamed for eating everything st home, but ironically, I buy all my nasty b/p food... This blame game adds extra stress... In any case I get really disheartened by the facial pain/swelling. Hopefully I can bounce back and recover for real this time. I know the hardest thing about this is that it takes time. I like to see results right away. In any case, if anyone has had the facial pain/swelling, and the intense gum swelling/pain... Any tips? Thanks all and much love in trying to beat this monster!

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