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by tracy gillette
(wethersfeild ct united states)

When I was young
You told me words would never hurt me
I believed you
And then when I was a older...
I'm sick so sick of her
What's wrong with you
Some words may sound
Just like little comments
Maybe you thought they would help me
Well they didn't
They hurt me
They dug a deep hole straight through me
You couldn't fill that hole
Only one thing could
And the one thing comforted me
Made me feel in control
Made me feel good
And made me ignore all my real feelings
It blinded me
And made me feel like It was my only hope
Well guess what
If it wasn't for some special people
That one thing would've killed me
And now I know
Words CAN hurt
Don't let anyone lie to you
Physical damage is half the time fixable
But emotional damage is permanent
I love you
But your words hurt

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