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Wondering about health issues after recovery from bulimia

by Val

Hi Shaye:

There has definitely been something weighing on my mind lately, and I am considering seeing my family doctor and spilling the beans about my 25 year disorder.

I am wondering if with all the junk I've put in my system over the years and the purging if I have had some damage done without me knowing (I am wondering about my heart of course).

I have heard that the body heals itself once the binging and purging stops but does it really?

I am definitely eating much healthier, drinking more water, doing some low-impact exercises along with chasing after the kids, and taking daily supplements.

I'm pretty sure that telling my doctor and having a physical done is a good idea. In a way it is still a little scary telling yet someone else of my past disorder - which of course the first and only was my dentist.

Have you ever heard of anyone's health failing after they've recovered because of their past bulimia disorder? I can't help thinking about this sometimes.

PS: love your website

Shaye Says

Hi Val!

That is such a valid question - and one I used to lose sleep over... That was until I realized that I could feel my health beaming from the inside out!

Every person who I know that has suffered from bulimia - restored their health fully once they recovered... I have known 5 people who have beaten bulimia - and they are images of health today! My best friend, who had anorexia and bulimia for many years is now glowing and is 5 months pregnant!

I haven't heard of bulimia complications haunting people years after they have recovered... That is besides bulimia teeth...

But, I know that bulimia can weaken the heart muscle - and so it could be worth getting that checked out...

I did hear of one girl who had suffered from extreme bulimia for a number of years... She died of a heart attack after car accident because her heart was weakened... But, she was still struggling with bulimia at the time... And, the stress of the car accident was just too much.

Put it this way - if you survived bulimia - and now are eating healthy and living a good lifestyle - you health must be beginning to sky rocket... I couldn't imagine that something would go wrong now... However, in saying that, I am not a doctor...

I haven't been for a full medical since my recovery (or ever for that matter!) But, if it will make you feel better and more at ease - then it is definitely worth it! Stress can be very damaging - so it's worth doing what you need to do to get rid of it :)

If you do decide to visit your doctor - remember that you have nothing to be ashamed about... You have everything to be proud of! You are a survivor and are well on your way in this exciting journey of recovery!

I'd love to know what you decide to do and how it goes...

Stay Strong!

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