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Will the water retention go away?

by brittany

I have been diagnosed with anorexia however used laxative for 6 years. Progressively I used more and more until I was downing about 25 pills a day. I tried to taper off and got to about 10 pills a day. One morning I work up with horrible stomach pains no energy and felt super dizzy... I went to the doctors office in fear I had really done some damage to my body and ended up with low protein and potassium levels. I was rushed to the ER where they did 6 iv's of saline and and iV of potassium. My body retained and is retaining all the food and water and I have gained 30 lbs in one week! I was at Xlbs and now i am Xlbs! It has been 3 weeks since I have stopped taking the pills and have been eating right (as directed by my nutritionist). Am I stuck at this weight for good? I have NEVER weighed this much in my life - my pre ana weight was X! How long should I be retaining and gaining this weight? My back and muscles ache from the swelling

Shaye Says

Hi Brittany,

I'm sorry to hear of the scare you had with low potassium and protein levels - You must thank your lucky star that you were brave enough to visit the doctor because as I'm sure you know these side effects could have killed you.

Congratulations on your 3 weeks of healthy eating! That is a massive step in the right direction! If you keep eating this way, eventually your body will settle at it's natural weight and your water retention will go away. Keep in mind your natural weight might be a little higher than you are currently happy with... But please work on accepting your body because this is the only way to be completely free! Your natural weight is the weight where you'll have the most energy, you'll be able to have babies, you'll feel energetic and mentally sharp!

Remember - you are so much more than a number on the scale!


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