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will my doctor tell my mom about my bulimia?

by Shortty

I asked a question about my menstrual cycle and you advised me to tell my doctor... But, if I do, will my doctor tell my mom? Or, is there a kind of law or rule that they don't have to tell them?

I have thought about going to the doctor and telling them but I am scared of my mom finding out. I don't want her to know...

Shaye Says

Hi Shortty!

It's hard to say as this is different from one country to the next... A good idea would be to ring your doctor and ask him... Be honest... Even if you remain anonymous... "Say... I've got a problem that I don't want my mom to know about... Can I come to you about it without you telling my parents?" Sometimes being straight up and asking the direct questions you want to know is the best option.

I remember not wanting my mom to know about my bulimia... I guess I wanted to protect her and I didn't want her to judge herself as being a bad parent... Why is it that you don't want you mom to know - if you don't mind me asking?

Stay strong and keep up your good positive work towards recovery - seeking for answers to your questions :)


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