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Will I ever experience hunger again? What is the best way to achieve this?

by P


P again. Sorry to ask another question, but I'm having trouble getting help from any therapists or doctors where I live.

Slightly overweight for my height now, after sufftering with bulimia for three years (anorexia before), I am now trying desperately to recover. I have been trying the three meals, three snacks method that you and many books recommend. I am trying to keep going even though the bloating, acid reflux and anxiety is all there. Having not eaten anything for long, to suddenly eat three meals and snacks again is very scary.

But what I did wonder is will I ever feel hungry again? I am also scared about my weight, because I am just eating six times a day whether I am hungry or not (the other side of this is that I have trouble recongnising my hunger signals).

Also,'snacks' have a reputation as being bad for you and extras, and this is something that I battle with everyday to learn that they are okay. So I just need, I suppose, endorsement that I am doing the right thing to recover.

Thanks again, P.

Shaye Says

Hi P!

I remember thinking the exact same thing... I remember feeling terrified that I wouldn't feel hungry ever again - and that I would have a full feeling forever! I had almost come to terms with this - and had almost accepted that it was just the way it was going to be... BUT...

As I discovered in my recovery journey... Your body does get back to normal. It may take time - but we have an amazing way of bouncing back! Now my body is completely normal... I feel hunger and fullness just as anybody else does. After years of intense bulimia - I thought this would never happen!

All the silly fad diets promote snacks as 'bad' - but all the good healthy lifestyle 'diets' promote them as essential... Think of them as little logs, being put on your furnace to keep your metabolism burning :)

You are definitely doing the right things to recover - so just keep pushing on! Keep up with your structured eating, try to remain positive - and be kind to yourself!

You will get there!


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