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Why does food not fill me up?

by Janet

After I have eaten a decent sized, healthy meal ,why do I still feel "hungry"? I know it's not real hunger but I get an empty feeling that won't go away. That is what usually leads me to a binge and I don't know how to stop it. Any suggestions? I try to distract myself but find it impossible to ignore and start feeling really agitated and axious.

Shaye Says

Hi Janet,

I have heard quite a few people express this same physical feeling as you. My experiences were quite different in the fact that eating anything made me feel overly full.

Is the feeling definitely a physical feeling... Do you think the hunger could be an emotional hunger? Or, a taste hunger? Emotional being that you want to fill an emotional void with food... Taste being that you simply want to eat something tasty!?

If it is definitely physical this could be explained by 2 things...

1) The possibility that you are not eating food with enough bulk. When I had restored my metabolism i was actually surprised how much 'normal' eaters actually do eat... Our bodies require a lot of fuel to keep going! Are you sure you are giving yours enough?

2) There is the possibility that from large binge eating in the past, your tummy takes more food and more time to register that it's full. This would be a tricky obstacle to overcome during recovery - but reminding yourself that it will return to normal - given time - will help.

If anybody else who reads this has any other suggestions, please feel free to share!

Bye for now,

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