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Why do people become bulimic?

'Why do people become bulimic' isn't the easiest of questions to answer. Bulimia is a very complex emotional issue and there are many factors that contribute towards somebody developing bulimia...

Some of my bulimia causes were:

and the most significant reason:


What are some of the causes of bulimia?

What is the key factor that is related to all the bulimia causes Above?

When asking the question 'why do people become bulimic?' I think you need to look at all the causes of bulimia (above) and see what they have in common.

Can you think what the common link is between all the bulimia causes above? Take a shot...

If you guessed poor self Image, low self esteem and a sense of worthlessness... You'd be right!

At some level, all bulimics don't feel quite good enough.

In my case, I did well at school, achieved top in sports and was a talented artist. I was thin and quite pretty... But somehow, I was never enough.

This poor self image found its way into my life and manifested itself as bulimia.

So, if you ask me the question 'Why do people become bulimic?'... I'd say that more often than not, a deep-rooted, poor self image plays a big part.

How Does Low Self Esteem result in Bulimia?

Bulimics feel overwhelmed in coping with their emotions and feelings of inadequacy.

Bulimics will often binge and purge to avoid dealing with feelings of anger, sadness, anxiety, depression or stress.

Food becomes your way of dealing with your emotions. In time, this coping mechanism gets wired into your brain and it gets harder and harder to stop.


No matter how long you've had bulimia for - You can recover.

I had bulimia for nearly a decade. There was a time when I thought bulimia would own my life and take my life... But, I recovered and you can too.

I managed to cure myself from bulimia. It was a difficult but beautiful journey.

If you or somebody you love suffers from bulimia... Start the steps to recovery now - life is so beautiful beyond the dark walls of bulimia!

I hope this article answered your question 'why do people become bulimic?' For more information, feel free to read my causes of bulimia article.





Article by Shaye Boddington
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