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Why am I so consumed with this and ME

by dakota

Why am I so consumed with this and ME



I gotta change not only for me but for the ones in my life...

The hardest thing is to be honest with yourself

A Response From Shaye

Hi Dakota,

Thanks for leaving your thoughts about bulimia... I know exactly what you mean by bulimia consumes you... I remember thinking that bulimia had turned me from a 'good person' into a 'bad person'... The truth was though that I was never 'bad' I was just lost, confused and caught up in something that made me feel out of control.

Be kind to yourself - Don't hit yourself up about being selfish - you're not... You're sick. Just as you wouldn't blame somebody for having depression or OCD - you can't blame yourself for having bulimia...


You can start taking steps towards recovering from it - If you want it enough. Sharing through my site is a good place to start... Reading other peoples bulimia stories can help too... beginning to learn about treatment options such as these ones which saved my life... These are all good and positive steps...

Recovery can happen - and it will happen if you turn to face it and take baby steps until you get there.

Stay Strong.

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