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Where I am now

by Eleonore

I just turned 30 and made a pledge to myself to stop bingeing in purging. In preparation for this, I read your website and ebook, Shaye, which have helped me immensely. I went from B/P several times a day to once a day, and am now confident that I can do this, that I can be positive and strong and allow life to be beautiful and simple. Day 1 of my new life is today.

Shaye Says

Hi Eleonore!

I am excited for this journey you are beginning! Please remember though that there will be ups and downs... Slips are normal and to be expected... try your best to turn any criticism into curiosity... Ask "Why did this happen?" rather than judge yoruself for it :)

Nourish your body and your heart and this beautiful bulimia free life is yours for the taking!

xx Shaye

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