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When's the baby due?

by Lori

My poor tummy

My poor tummy

My poor tummy

I'm waiting for someone to ask me that.

Recently I've opened up about my history with bulimia to my family because enough was enough. The constant rituals, the headaches, the lying, the anxiety...I crave normalcy. What's even worse is, it came out because I blacked out in my kitchen and had to be rushed to the ER. This happened right in the middle of my brother suffering with Ulcerative Colitis.

Watching his health diminish, seeing him suffer unwillingly to something he has no control over, made my "problem" seem so insignificant. So I felt stupid for being a family pest and kept harming my body further.

However, my family has been a tremendous support. I have been in recovery for only a few days now since I did have relapses during stressful times.

I've never felt more bloated, but I am seeing this bloated tummy as a healing process. Like how a cut on your finger swells up a little before returning to normal.

I'm happy summer is approaching which means I can wear lots of dresses and hide my tummy. I am now taking an acidophilus probiotic before eating with a full glass of water and lemon every morning. I'm drinking a lot of water about 30 mins before bed. And now plan on incorporating some exercises.

Today I buried my old toothbrush, an old friend and worst enemy, with my mother along with a package of laxatives. Buried and gone. And when there's death, there is always life. And I'm ready to begin anew.

This website/ are a savior.

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