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when will my chipmunk cheeks go away!?

by GiGi


I have suffered anorexia and bulimia for almost five years now and am really trying to stop completely.

I have not been sick for five days now and I am wondering when will my chipmunk cheeks go away?

I have my prom in two months and was wondering if that will be enough time to look normal?

I really want to look beautiful and I know that sounds superficial but whatever I do, I am very happy I am no longer vomiting.


Shaye Says

Hi Gigi,

Congratulations on taking such awesome steps forward in your bulimia recovery - I'd love to high 5 you from New Zealand! 5 days is massive progress - well done :)

Chipmunk cheeks and bulimia often go hand in hand! It's unfortunate because it's not as is bulimics don't have enough to deal with as it is! But, the good news is that they do go away... The bad news is that the time it takes is different for everyone...

I'd say in 2 months you will see some great improvements if you stay purge free... Your body can heal a lot in 2 months, especially if you feed it with good food and nutrition... You'll also notice your skin will improve and in the long term your hair will begin to thicken and shine...

Bulimia doesn't do anything for your looks - so persisting with recovery is definitely the right step for people who like to look good!

I hope your prom proves to be everything you dream it will be... And more :)

If I can give one word of advice it is to let your hair down and have fun... At my prom I was so concerned about my appearance that I let it ruin the night...

Keep up your awesome work!

Stay in touch!


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