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When should I stop the supplements?

by Ji


I am in bulimia recovery, and it is my 11th day today. It is very difficult, but it's getting better. My body is getting healthier every day. I don't have any taboo foods, I eat whatever I feel like, and chocolate in a reasonable amount every day. I do stay away for very spicy meals still. I have stopped gaining weight and the bloating is better than before.

The thing is that now I take some supplements to help the process. I don't take any antidepressants or tranquilizers, although they were prescribed to me, but I feel really bad with them.

At the moment I am taking, Valerian root, Psyllium husk (just one capsule to), artichoke extract for the bile and digestive enzymes pills, which also contain an ingredient to prevent gastric hyper motility. I quit the kind of herbal laxative I was taking a week ago. I was not taking laxative like a purge, but coz I used to have problems going to the bathroom. I don't have now. But what would you suggest me to do about the other supplements? For how long should I take them? Because I want my body to work well without any pills, but still it needs help in the beginning.

Thank you!

A Response From Shaye

Hi there Ji,

Well done in taking this massive step into recovery - you sound like you are doing SO well!

Bulimia does do damage to your body - so I can see that it helps taking a few supplements to start with...

I wouldn't recommend stopping them cold turkey - but perhaps, as you feel stronger and more capable, wean yourself off them...

For example, one month into your bulimia recovery - you could start taking the pills every other day... Then after two months, take them every third day. This will get your body used to doing things on its own.

Psyllium husk is a laxative, so you won't want to be taking that for too long... But, as I said above, listen to your body and wean yourself off them slowly.

Keep up the fantastic work - please keep in touch via this site - I'd love it if you posted you story (its very inspirational) on my bulimia stories page here:

It doesn't even need to be long :)

Stay strong and all the best!


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