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When can I start eating normally?

by J

Hi, I've been in recovery for about an year now, but I wasn't at the right set of mind. I would go 1 or maximum 3 days without b/p and then find a silly excuse to give up. Anyways, I have made a decision 8 days ago, that what ever is happening in my life, no matter how angry, sad or bored I am, I am not giving up. Coz that's not a life.
So during those 8 days I was fighting, it was SOOOOO hard sometimes. I didn't restrict myself, if i felt like eating something really fattening I would have it. I eat chocolate every day, coz I love it. During the first 6 days, I was very hungry, but also felt full all the time, I knew that is normal coz my stomach is adapting. I also was trying to eat normal healthy meals for lunch and dinner, containing meat, vegetables and bread. I couldn't feel real hunger and real fullness they were somehow fake, so I kept eating what is healthy plus satisfying my cravings. I went really bloated, but I would pay this price, coz I know I am on the right way. So 2 days ago, I started feeling real hunger and real fullness. And was not feeling well when i was eating when I am not hungry. Like when i am healthy like 2 years ago,i don't feel like eating after 6-7 pm. and then have a good breakfast, which i couldn't have during those 6 days. So I gave it a chance yesterday. But I was very careful. I still had the calories i needed and the nutrition + chocolate :) And this morning I had my breakfast not just a fruit as before, but a fruit and a toast with cheese and mayo. So my question is - Is it already safe to eat when I am hungry and stop when i am full? I was very careful yesterday and watching my self if I would have less calories than I need, but I didn't and i felt good. I had some strong urges to b/p but I have them every day, some days are harder others easier. Yesterday was a hard one but I resist it. I am getting stronger and I am so happy. So if you could please tell me shall I go on like that?

Thank you so much!

Shaye Says

Hi there J!

That is SUCH fantastic news - you are off to such a good start! 8 days is wonderful!

It sounds like your stomach is starting to heal quite quickly... It was a good 1-2 months before I could eat the things you mention (bread and cheese)

The most important thing is litsten to your body... If you feel true hunger, then eat a small amount... see if it goes away. If 20 minutes later you are still truly hungry, then eat a little more... Just get your body back into the swing of eating and digesting food.

It's good not to completely cut out foods you liek such as chocolate... Depravation only leads to binges...

Of course you need to be sure you're getting sufficient nutrition to heal your body from the damages of bulimia... Also when you're body is getting enough nutrients - it will be less likely to want to binge...

A tip could possibly be to replace the toast with cheese and mayo for something like toast with avocado... Avocados are high in all the things that bulimic loose - minerals and electrolytes...

It sounds like you're doing really well though... Keep up the great work and I am sure that you will beat this!

Keep in touch!

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