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What it does to the outside let alone the inside



I seem to be the typical bulimic...started at 14 1/2. Just a little chubby. Looking back I can see how and why it started and has continued to this day at 56. Parents meant well but not equipped to raise children. My sister (7yrs older), had many mental issues and tried to commit suicide at 27. She lived but became a quadriplegic.
In my early twenties I enjoyed being thin and thought I had discovered something really great. I could eat what I wanted, purge, and then eat again and lose weight. Back then, it was my "little secret". Little did I know what it really was. In my late 20's I was near death. The only thing that saved me was taking potassium starting at age 18. At 31 I decided to modify my behavior and only purge 3x a day. I also started running. Now, you can imagine how hard that would be. I thought I was going to have a heart attack. In my 40's I again modified and purged just twice a day. Running became easier. I had also taken up aerobics/step and weight training. Again I modified and only purge once, dinner. I try to eat enough to give me the strength and energy to do my physical activities. I never married but I am fortunate to have a significant other who I've been with since I was 31. (We don't live together :)). Here's what has got me curious:

I'm not hearing from women who are bulimic and what it's done to their bodies. I know the teeth problems (I have upper dentures and wear a lower partial). I know acid reflux and your stomach not emptying properly. What I'm not reading is what it does to your skin. No one has mentioned the saggy skin. I haven't gotten into shorts/bikini since I was 18. I'll lay out in one, but to get up and walk around...oh no. My arms and legs are sooo saggy. I lift some pretty heavy weights and still they look like a woman of 80. Now, it's affected my face. I'm in the market for a face lift. Does anyone have this problem? I know that purging makes you dehydrated, and I guess all of the exercising didn't help. It's difficult to drink water since I'm not really thirsty, even after running.
Does anyone share any of these problems?

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