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what is considered being in recovery?

by Danielle

Hi Shaye!

I haven't purged in 2 and a half weeks but unfortunately I am still binging but trying very hard...

I'm disappointed in myself because I binged last night and then I binged again today from 2.00-5.30pm... I felt as though I was kind of giving up today, like I shouldn't have given in that easily...

I was wondering... What is considered in bulimia recovery?

Does being in recovery start when you have your first day of not purging and continue even if you binge like I have been doing? Or, once you binge are you considered out of recovery?

Does binging mean I'm no longer "in recovery"?

I hope my question makes sense...

Also, since I am binging and not purging, I have gained weight like crazy and very fast within the past month. When I finally do stop binging and stick to a balanced diet with the normal amount of calories in it will the binge eating weight go away? Or, will my body not go to its healthy weight because of the excess binge weight? I'm afraid the binging weight will never leave me!

Thanks for all your help Shaye, I truly appreciate all the support and care you've given me.

Shaye Says

Hi Danielle!

Your question makes perfect sense! In fact, I remember thinking the same thing early on in my recovery...

I decided to write an article in response to your question - as I felt there were so many good questions in there that so many people are probably asking too...

If you want me to remove your name from the article, let me know :)

You can read my reply to your question here...

Keep up your awesome work Danielle... You are honestly doing so well!


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