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What if there's no bulimia support group availabe?

by Pinky

Hi darling!
I've been struggling with bulimia for over 3 years now. Sometimes i manage to go without purging for 1-2 weeks (even though i still overeat), and think i've overcome the horrible illness.

But then something changes (i'm still unsure what exactly) - i eat something, my mind goes blank and i can't stop eating anymore, so i eat and eat and eat for hours, until i feel i'm about to fall apart at the seams, and that's when i run to the bathroom again.

As probably any other ED sufferer, i wake up and go to sleep every day with a thought, that i shouldn't worry - i'll start from scratch with the next meal, it will be easy and i'll feel satisfied when i've eaten enough. It should be easy. It's just food. It never happens.

I feel i really-REALLY need a support group to heal - i need to see i'm not alone with my problem, for somebody to hold me accountable, for somebody to know about my horrible secret.. The problem is, i cannot afford therapy and there's no support groups in my country.

It's a very small country I live in, too, so i'm scared of initiating something of this kind publicly on my own - i'd rather die than have somebody from work or home know that i'm bulimic.

What can I do?

A response from Shaye

Hi there Pinky :)

You really are NOT alone - there are so many people that struggle with bulimia... And, I bet in your tiny country, Estonia - there are thousands. The thing is it's such a secret illness... People who have bulimia are so ashamed and often, would rather die than have people know.

It's a shame that therapy is too expensive where you are. I know here in New Zealand we have government funded counseling available... Do you have anything like that?

I got my counseling through university - and because of that it was free.

I have a feeling that Estonia wouldn't offer these services... So we need to look for an alternative.

Firstly I have written an article which I think would help you out:

Recovery from Bulimia - My 4 Top Tips

It does recommend therapy - but there are 3 other suggestions there that could help you in the meantime.

Would it help you out if I set up some sort of online support group on my website? I'm not entirely sure how I would do it - maybe each person can have their own blog and write each day to let the community know how they're going. People could comment, email one another and give each other support and advice. Do you think this is something that would help?

You sound like such a lovely person and really don't deserve to have this nasty illness! If you have any other questions, please ask.

All the love,

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