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What foods to avoid in bulimia recovery?

Hi Shaye,

So I am recovering right now, and you probably guessed it, i have a question related to the bulimia bloat. My stomach is so large and hard and I always feel full. I know it's because my metabolism is restoring and getting used to food, but are there any foods that I should avoid? For example, I love eating yams and apples. These are really fibrous foods, should i avoid them to go easy on my stomach? And what's the longest time that I will still have this bloating? Thanks


Shaye Says

Hi R.W.!

Congratulations on starting this exciting journey of recovery... You are doing so well... And, the fact that yur metabolism is beginning to restore is awesome :)

I know the bloating can be hard to bear... But, it will eventually go away completely...

I found apples gave me extreme bloating... They are very fibrous and this can be hard on the tummy in early recovery. Funnily enough, cooked apples didn't seem to react as badly. Perhaps try to replace apples with bananas for a while and see how you go?

I also found that too much bread made my tummy very gassy during recovery.

A handy tip is to keep a food diary - and track when your bloating seem to be better or worse... Then, you'll be able to pin point which foods are triggering it off.

Keep up your awesome work!


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