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what does it mean when it's so easy to throw up

I have been bulimic for around 6 years now... I never really have to force myself to throw up, all it takes is walking around a little. what does this mean?

Shaye Says

Hi there!

Some people find it extremely difficult to throw up... and, other people find it easy... I guess it just depends on who you are and how your body is made up...

I had no problem throwing up my food... And, I think this is a part of why I started bulimia at such a young age... Throwing up happened so naturally that it didn't seem 'wrong'... I wish it had been a lot harder - perhaps then I would never have got so deeply involved into it then!

6 years is a long time to suffer from bulimia... I hope that this site helps you in your quest to recover.

Take care...

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