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What do I eat on my hike?

by Victoria

Hi Shaye,

I've got a big problem. I'm just making the beginning steps towards recovery (hopefully), but I have a five day hike coming up with my school. It's in 8 weeks time, and we have to walk wih 20kg packs for 10 hours a day, so it's pretty hardcore.

I'm really worried about what to take to eat. Obviously, we have to have 3000-4000kcal a day, but that for me is like the worst thing possible. I threw up three times on my last hike, and that was only two days. What can I take to give me energy enough but not make the whole thing a misery for me?

Please help!

Shaye Says

Hi there Victoria!

Congratulations on starting your recovery journey... You're in the beginning stages of something very wonderful :)

I remember going on some big camping trips with a lot of hiking and exercise when I was in early recovery too... It stressed me out because I knew I needed the energy - but hated holding anything in my tummy...

I found that bananas were wonderful because they don't sit heavily in your stomach. You'll need to buy a few that are slightly under-ripe so that they keep while you're tramping... but even still, they probably wont last the 4 days... but at least thats something you can eat on the first two.

I also liked muesli bars with puffed rice... Again, they had good energy, but I could digest them quite easily.

I'd suggest that you do some experimenting between now and your hike... Testing out tramping style foods in small quantities to see what 'sits well'...

Also, keep in mind that if you dive into your recovery now - you could be a lot better in 8 weeks time... and everything may seem a lot easier...

Keep pushing ahead... one step at a time :)


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