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what BULIMIA is really like......

by redwater

Bulimia is not what you see in the movies.... you wont eat a burger and purge in 20 seconds....
Let me tell you (EVERYBODY) what it is really like...

BINGING: while binging you hide... you feel bad and eat ALOT ALOOOTTT of food..

Purging: Takes up too 60 minutes.... you purge until you taste vile and see blood..... it hurts

its awful but after you binge/purge you FEEL GGGGRRRREEEAAAAATTTTTT

and after you purge you feel like everything is going to be OKAY!!!

BUT IF YOU CANT PURGE: it hurts, you panic, sometimes your body wont give up the food, you feel like SHIT!!!

ULTIMATELY BULIMIA KILLS YOU.........not just your body..............Bulimia KILLS YOUR SOUL........

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Article by Shaye Boddington
Author of
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