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What about the physical bulimia recovery?

by Anonymous

I see all kinds of information about getting help and the mental aspect of it all...

What I don't see is actual recovered bulimics sharing the physical woes of recovery.

At 6 weeks purge free I've been experiencing gastrointestinal distress for half that time. I'm currently being seen by a gastro for this, but I have no source for information while I wait for the diagnosis.

My health is what finally made me want to stop..... can't leave my son without his mommy.

A Response From Shaye

Hi there!

Thanks for your question! Boy, do I know what you're talking about (Gastrointestinal distress) It's one of the unavoidable parts of bulimia recovery...

Firstly, I must say congratulations on getting 6 weeks purge-free... That is fantastic and such a massive step in your bulimia recovery. You're doing so well!

Bulimia does serious damage to your digestive system... It can take a long time after stopping bingeing/purging to be free of the stomach pains, wind, acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome and so on that most people experience.

In my case it took a month before the I could actually eat and bear to stay awake afterwards (normally I crashed and tried to sleep off the discomfort!) But it was the best part of a year before I felt more or less normal. Since then my digestive system has been getting stronger and stronger each year. Now it's super-powered and I can actually eat more than the average woman and remain at a healthy/slim weight!

I have recently written an article which contains tips on how to improve your 'bulimia metabolism'. Hopefully that will help you out a bit. I've also written an article on how to relieve lazy bowel syndrome. Which is a little weird - but the tips helped me!

I know you have been to see a Gastroenterologist for your problems... but I can honestly say that the only cure which I know is to stick with the recovery and let time do the rest. Make sure you pack yourself with nutrients... eat lots of blueberries, fruit smoothies and raw foods.

Also, I'd recommend taking some sort of dairy-free pro-biotic... Maybe kefir... or even pro-biotic capsules. Bulimia kills so much of the healthy bacteria in our tummies which are essential for a healthy gastrointestinal tract... A pro-biotic will be helpful to restore them. Fermented foods like sauerkraut (fermented cabbage) is also good for this... but make sure that it's real sauerkraut and not just sauerkraut flavor!

I've made a note to myself to think of all the things that helped me physically during my recovery. I will aim at writing more pages with this sort of info in the future... Thanks for the reminder!

Please let me know what the results from the gastro are... It will be interesting to see what a professional says. (If you feel comfortable sharing, that is!)

Take care and please keep in touch!

Keep up the good work!


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