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Weight Loss after bulimia - is it still possible?

by Boriana
(Sofia, Bulgaria)

Hi Shaye,

I find your story very inspiring.

I became anorexic (from X pounds) I became X pounds when I was 13-15 years old, but after overcoming anorexia I gained so much weight that I "caught" bulimia.

My case isn't that bad as yours , but I struggled bulimia 2 years. Now I'm 17 and I haven't binged from 6 months but now my weight is X pounds at 5 feet and 7.6 inches(172cm). I know that I'm not overweight but I don't feel well like this. I wish I was X pounds. Is it possible to reach my goal without becoming anorexic or bulimic again?

Is it possible to lose weight with some "normal and healthy diet" after ED?

Shaye Says

Hi there Boriana!

Your weight sounds very normal for your height (even quite slim!) so if you do try to lose weight - it could trigger bulimia. Dieting is a dangerous thing to do - especially if you have struggled with eating disorders in the past.

It might take a while to get used to your new weight - but in time, you will get used to it. Keep reminding yourself that you are so much more than a number on the scale!

Something I tried to do when I first recovered from bulimia and gained a little bit was weight was to "Change my mind - not my body" I worked on focusing on the things I liked about myself - and in time, the other things didn't seem as important.

If you continue to have a normal and healthy diet, your body may settle at it's natural weight - which might be what it is now, or it might be a little less - or more. I'm sorry, it's impossible for me to tell... But the good thing is that your natural weight is where your body will function best. It's where you'll be your healthiest, most fertile and most energetic... I promise you, being at your natural weigh feels good!

I hope this helps!


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