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weight gain only in my stomach? :(

by Tisha

Hi, i just recently discovered your site, i love it so far! I have a question though, i am trying to over come exercise bulimia and anorexia. iv improved on the eating part, but i still exercise a lot. i am really scared to up my calories more because i keep hearing how all the weight gain goes to the stomach, and that is my issue spot. What should i expect when i up my calories? is my stomach gonna get big? Like nothing else seems to be filling out, only my lower tummy :( it makes me want to workout even more.....any advice or anything to ease my mind? im soo lost!

Shaye Says

Hi Tisha!

I am sorry it took me a while to reply to this - I have been away on holiday.

Firstly - congratulations on taking the steps towards recovery that you have done so far... Every little step forward is a step closer to recovery :)

I am not sure where you heard that all the calories go to the tummy... From my experience, this is not true... Any weight gain will most likely be distributed around your body depending on what your genetics says - there is no general rule as to where it goes...

What you might be thinking about/experiencing is the bloating that often comes when you are in recovery. This can be frustrating, but as you move through the phases of recovery - it will subside. Mine lasted a few months - which seemed ages, but I promise it was completely worth it!

I hope this helps a bit - and good luck with the next phase of your recovery journey!


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