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Weight gain and bulimia

by carcamo
(houson, tx)

I decided to stop being bulimic as I have been for the past 6 years - but the problem is I've stopped before and I gained around X pounds in two months and I found that very ridiculous to gain so much... what was your recovering process and is it normal to gain so much when you want to recover?

Shaye Says

Hi Carcamo,

I am glad that you have decided to walk the road to bulimia recovery - Life is so much better without the dark shadow of bulimia hanging over your life :)

Weight gain in bulimia recovery is something that I think is on every bulimics mind... It's a scary thing... and I was scared of it too. The thing that made me decide to push into recovery regardless of this fear was that the idea of living the rest of my life with bulimia was even more terrifying...

The amount of weight you gain in bulimia recovery depends largely on what your natural weight is. If you are underweight now - then chances are a you begin to eat normally, your weight will rise and stabilize at a healthy point. Sometimes, it's normally to gain extra weight in recovery which then drops away as your body realises you are feeding it (without purging) on a regular basis...

I actually wrote about my experience with bulimia weight gain in an edition of my newsletter... You can read that article here:

Will You Gain Weight In Your Bulimia Recovery?

I hope you find this article helpful :)

All the best with your recovery!


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