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warped face, puffy cheeks, bags, wrinkles... Will these go away when I recover from bulimia?

by Anonymous

I am 23 and have been bulimic for four years...

Long story short I am embarrassed and fearing for my health... Today I set up three doctor's appointments to get my butt on the boat for recovery...

I know this is a very vain question but I am concerned... I have recently noticed how warped my face is, of course the puffy checks and bags under my eyes, but also wrinkles around my mouth. I don't recognize myself anymore.

I am sad and am wondering if this is reversible or if I have done too much damage to my face?

I know the human body can recover from a lot when given the chance which I am going to work towards...

I am wondering if you had these issues and if so did recovery fix them?

I would appreciate any feedback.

Thank you.

Shaye Says

Hi there :)

Don't worry - it's not a vain question... You're just wanting to regain what bulimia took away from you! And yes, for the most part, your looks will recover...

Of course some damage is permanent... Like bulimia teeth... But, grey bags, puffy cheeks, dehydrated skin... All these things will go away in time and return to normal.

The difference in my face between when I was bulimic and now is crazy... I actually look younger at 25 then I did when I was 20! You can see a before and after photo of me here.

I'd also just like to say CONGRATULATIONS on taking the massive step forward of booking those appointments... I know that it can be really difficult! It's a sign that you're committed to recovery :) I hope that this is the beginning of many wonderful things for you!

Keep in touch :)


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