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by Isaac

Hey there... I'm Isaac and I'm 11. Yes, 11. I've had Bulimia since I was 6-7. I have a very depressing life. My brothers aren't my problem. Well, maybe one of them is. I have a lot of Medical conditions, which make me depressed. Tetralogy of Fallot, Asthma and Insomnia. One day, right before a heart surgery I thought I was going to die. I WAS AN IDIOT. I thought that I was fat ( I was around 3'3 and weighed around 41 pounds ..). I told myself that I can't look fat during my funeral... Idiotic, I know. Nobody was noticing... From that moment, I found out my little baby brother was extremely sick, and that he could die... By that time, my 'addiction to throwing up' got terrible. Now, for around 4-5 years of Bulimia I realized I need to get rid of it. I'm a great musician, and music dominates my life. Recently, I realized that Music is the most important thing in my life. More important than Bulimia. From that moment, I'm trying to get rid of it, but I can't.

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