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by Elizabeth

from glitter to charcoal,
bulimia sucked me into a black hole,
sucked me in hard,
about as hard as a tulip has to be tough,
if it intends to ever survive in a junkyard,
so please,
be the rain that makes its way through the junkyard lattice,
don't be the ass,
who throws on a bag of trash,
you don't always have to crash,
just to know the gas peddle is working,
some morning when I wake,
my eyelids are hurting,
it leaves my breathe heavy,
my heart rate as steady as I am mentally stable,
and I'm about as mentally stable,
As an elephant... on stilts:
Just because a tulip wilts,
doesn't mean its dying,
maybe its just trying,
to get closer to the earth.

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Author of
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