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The treatments for bulimia That Saved My Life And Ended My Shower-Spewing Sessions for good!

After that nights events, I swore to myself that I would look into treatments for bulimia... I couldn't let this carry on.

My life was falling apart...


Just hours before I'd been sitting in the shower... sobbing.

I was surrounded by my own vomit - massive amounts of it...

And the shower drain was blocked.

My dad was pounding on the bathroom door asking what I was doing...

My heart pounded back even louder.

This was it, I thought... Surely I had to confess my 10 year bulimic secret.

'5 minutes' Dad yelled...

5 minutes I thought. That was enough time to:

a) Knock myself off so that I didn't have to deal with this situation
b) Try, without the vaguest idea of how - to unblock the shower

I went with option b...

I quickly got to work removing the drain - Along with 10 years worth of slimy shower hair and stinky old puke from past purges.

Within seconds I was searching the bathroom for a tool. I grabbed a metal coat hanger, bent it into a curved shape and I started prodding it forcefully into the blocked drain pipe.

After a minute, to my horror, the level of water and vomit in the shower began to rise. I froze in panic... What the hell had I done!?

Then there was a gurgle, slurrrrp...

I watched anxiously... sweat running from every pore in my body...

And then relief... The water in the shower, along with my vomit disappeared down the pipe.

I put the drain back and quickly sprayed the shower to get rid of the orange fat stains that were everywhere...

I got dressed and walked outside with a big fake smile on my face.

'Feels so good to be clean' I told my dad.

The truth was I felt anything but clean... I felt dirty, wasteful and disgusting.


The treatments For Bulimia That Helped Me End my 10 year battle

After the shower incident and another incident when I ate ALL the dinner my dad had cooked for a party, I decided that I'd sacrificed enough of my life to this awful illness... I began looking at treatments for bulimia. I had to find something that worked.

I had tried a hundred times to stop bulimia using self control... So I knew this didn't work...

But, I was curious why, despite the fact that I hated being bulimic so desperately... I couldn't fight the urge to binge and purge.

As I looked into different treatments for bulimia, I began to realize the reason for this...

Although on a conscious level I told myself that I wanted to stop bingeing and purging... On a sub-conscious level this habit was engrained into my brain...

Bulimia was a physical part of me - made up of neurons and brain cells.

This meant that no matter how badly my conscious mind wanted to stop... My sub-conscious habits would always win...

It's a scientific fact that your sub-conscious mind controls the majority of your behaviors... Including your binge and purge cycle.

So, if I wanted to break my bulimia addiction - I would need to re-program my sub-conscious mind...

I would need to physically change the bulimic pathways in my brain

I would need to train them to say:



Did This Bulimia Eating Disorder Treatment Work For Me?

Yes, it did... It worked amazingly well.

One year after starting with my counselor - who taught me many techniques to alter my sub-conscious mind... I was 100% bulimia free - and have remained healthy and happy for the past 6 years.

It makes me feel so inspired and energized to think of how far I've come in this time. Wind back 6 years and I would never have believed it was possible... Bulimia-free... who ME?

I'm here to tell you that total bulimia recovery is possible. There are treatments for bulimia that work...


Tools and Techniques To Change your Sub Conscious Mind

To learn 12 fantastic techniques to help you alter your sub-conscious mind and beat bulimia... I'd consider reading Karen Phillips book "Mom, Please Help: Anorexia and Bulimia Positive Energy Treatment"...

It contains many of the techniques I used to beat bulimia. To read my review of Karen's bulimia self help treatment, click here.

For a more intensive, step by step program, take a look at The Bulimia Recovery Program which I run. I'm confident that the advice and support offered there will help lead you to recovery.

No matter what, remember... If you don't give up - you can not fail! Keep pushing forward with recovery and it's yours for the taking!






Article by Shaye Boddington
Author of
and creator of The Bulimia Recovery Program and Community

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