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Treatment a trigger for ED

by Mia

Hi Shaye,

I'm really stuck at the moment in my recovery... I've been seeing a psychologist and my GP for a few months now, and all was good to begin with, but this past week I've found myself restricting like crazy in order to lose weight in time for my next set of appointments. I've started feeling like I'm not thin enough/physically ill enough to deserve all of this medical attention! It's really stressing me out.

I've even started weighing myself again!! I have no idea what to do. Exams are coming up in two weeks and I haven't been able to concentrate on studying.

I haven't kept any food down in a week due to purging (without bingeing) and now I'm starting to lose my appetite altogether. Should I stop seeing my psychologist or just try and talk this through with her?

I'm afraid that even talking about it will trigger more weight loss.

Thanks for your time, I really appreciate it! Xo

Shaye Says

Hi Mia,

I would definitely suggest talking this through with your psychologist! It will not only give her an insight into your mind - but will help her come up with ideas and techniques to eliminate this thinking...

The honest truth is that you don't need to be thin to need medical attention! Psychology is treatment of the mind... and, you can look the picture of health - but still need to go.

Please, start eating again... The last thing you want is to deplete your electrolytes and have a heart attack! You have so much life ahead of you to live!

Bye for now,

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