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Toughing it out after 33 YEARS..............

by Wendy
(SW France)

Hello - my name is Wendy and I have been a secret and ashamed bulimic for 33 years. Nobody knew - not even my parents - especially not my parents!

Just lately, I've changed my life completely. I'm not sure how or even why, why now? But I have and now I've got to deal with the consequences.

I've told my dear husband who is so, so kind about it all and is a wonderful support. Also I've confided in a dear friend who is my training (jogging) partner. Together we've started a low carb/high fat diet.

Also, i was alcohol dependent and that's gone into the trash bin, too.

So, lots of changes............

3 weeks in and I haven't touched a drop of alcohol, haven't binged and purged (remember - after 33 YEARS this is a very ingrained habit) and have kept my carbs to about Xg/day. Also, I'm weight training every morning.

3 weeks in and I should be starting to notice exciting and positive changes taking place....

BUT - I've put ON X kgs and my belly has swollen to the size of a huge set of twins. After all this effort, the biggest trigger to my food abuse is happening right in front of my eyes. I'M GETTING ENORMOUS. When will this stop? Is it permanent? Is 33 years too long to reverse the damage????No wonder so many fail and just return to the old way of keeping 'slim'.

After doing lots of on-line research, I now know what's happening and that's empowering me to stick with it. I don't CARE how long it takes - I'm going to tough it out. One day, if the water/fat goes away, all the hard work will pay off and this fat bloated grub will metamorphose into something lovely.

It's my 50th birthday in December........that's 6 months away. My gifts to myself will be freedom from bulimia, freedom from alcohol and a wonderful firm and toned figure.

Right now, I can barely breathe at night due to the bloating pushing on my diaphragm and during the day my back aches from trying to balance the distended belly. BUT I'm a fighter and I will beat this thing.

To all those brave and wonderful people out there going through the same thing - let's all stick with it and help each other through.....we're all worth it.

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