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by Chelsea
(Tennessee, U.S.)

"Today, I won't push through hoping to someday see a lower number on the scale- I'll do it hoping to see my future.

Today, I won't draw my confidence use the make-up on my face- I'll make sure I face my challenges with the utmost confidence.

Today, I won't stress about the tightness or the definition in my arms- I'll define myself by how tightly they can hold someone in their time of need.

Today, I won't waste my breath cursing the looks or the life I've been dealt- I'll breathe life into all I look upon.

Today, I won't measure the width of my hips or the length of my waist, I'll measure the distance of how far I've come.

Today, I won't chip away at the the walls of my self esteem until they crumble- I'll realize my body is a temple built to house the wonderful, unique, strong and beautiful soul I was given to make a difference in this world.

I am not my Bulimia, I am so much better.

And as I find myself feeling hopeless and beaten down, I will look above my addiction and turn my back to my yesterdays and make room only for today."

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