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Today is my day to stop. Thank you Shaye!!

by Kristyna

As first I would love to send big "THANKS", kiss and hug to Shaye, who is doing so much for us! This disease is so strange and there are not information so complexed on the internet. Shaye is very kind person and always when I hear her voice, I know I'm on the good way to the other side of the river and leaving bulimia behind me.
Today after reading about potencial death from bulimia, I said to myself NO! No more! I love my life, I love my friends and I know I'm strong enough.
I'm 31 years old and I've been bulimic since 16. There were more factors why I have started, but now it's doesn't matter. No more excuses! I want to stop and not to think about it anymore.
I was so bad, that even if I love to keep my house clean and have everything perfectly organised, at this moment I live in completely dirty house, no one can entry, not even my boyfriend, and I'm actualy I was most of the time closed inside of the house, eating whatever, but separeted from the rest of the world.
I've already destroyedmy teeth and now I have ceramics ones, I do not have money, because I spend too much for food.. No way!!
I know I'm a woman with potincial of great life. And this is what I want to have!!
I keep my fingers cross for all of you and please do the same for me.
Thank you!! <3

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