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Today I forgot to eat...

by Shannon

How cool is that? I actually forgot to eat!

That to me, is proof that bulimia is truly out of my system!

When I was bulimic I remember thinking about people... How the hell can you forget to eat - you're lying!

But maybe they were telling the truth - once you've recovered from bulimia you actually realize that there are things that are so much more exciting than eating!

Don't get me wrong, I still like to eat and need to watch sometimes that I don't overeat... but overall it is an enjoyable and stress free experience.

It's so great that i can post this good news on this website! It might seem like a little thing to non-bulimics - but to those who suffer - they will know why I find this so cool!

I hope that everyone who reads this gets some inspiration from it - feel free to post a comment :)

Have a fantabulous day!


Shaye Says

That is such cool news! Good work :)

Hope that you continue to develop an even better relationship with food as time goes on - sounds like you are well on your way though!

Bulimia recovery is so wonderful - and I'm glad that you've succeeded at it :)

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