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To everyone I care about and love, I'm Bulimic

by Lauren
(Brisbane, Aus)

5 years ago is were this disorder took over my life. I suffered chronically from the nightmare of Bulimia. From being only 56 kg originally, bulimia took over my life and loosing a scarey 10 kg, leaving me at a terrifying 46 kg. I had a combination of aneroxia and bulimia. I would starve myself for days and make myself so hungry that I would binge. Binge eating lead to a horrible guilt feeling leaving me no choice but to purge.

Through out my years I can only remember being "recovered" for no more than 4 weeks.

I am now 19 years old and I am still suffering. My weight ranges from 46 (being my worst in 2009) to 52 kg. This year 2011 I have found that I am now suffering with serve Anixety which is only worsening my eat disorders. Today I weigh 46 kg and people are noticing my weight loss.

My new goal is to over come this disorder once and for all before I turn 20

I fear I will never stop this... I've been such a good actor for 5 years and ready for this to stop!!!!!!

However, my life is great and I have fantastic friends and family and am a happy person... but I could only imagine how much happier I would be with out this constant guilt in my head that I can't get rid of...

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