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Tired of being bloated nothing fits!!!!

I just came out and told a friend of my ED ( after a 17 yrs bondage )and she became very concerned as to what I was doing to myself. I truly didn't know what she was talking about since in my mind it was just part of my usual diet routine. I would stuff myself to the rim with food until I was so uncomfortable i could feel myself bust and then I would go to the bathroom and throw it up.

ED has really blinded me to the fact that I was killing myself slowly. I became shocked and started a crusade for myself to stop treating myself this way and get myself better.

So far I have been examined by my doctor and labs were ordered and all ok, i have gotten in with a counselor and I now am going through THE BLOAT!!
I have been reading this web page for about a couple of weeks and have felt and shared the same feelings along with everyone here and now I am stuck with this bloating belly.

I hate this, nothing fits and I wear scrubs!!! My belly sticks out like its screaming to the whole world "look at me I had ED!!"

I have tried the spearming and peppermint tea and the probiotics but I still have the belly.
The other bad thing is that I still have the urge to eat to the brim. But I won't purge!!
So what do I do? I am already bloated and the cravings don't stop so I feel extra full and painfully uncomfortable.

Does this happen to everyone?

Also what kind of probiotics is good because I think I got the wrong kind?

I haven't tryed the kefir? Does it have to be coconut?

Shaye Says

Hi precious girl,

Sorry for the delay in approving this and replying. Your bloating might be long gone by now, but I thought I'd reply either way.

The bloating is totally normal - and that you still had it after a number of weeks is also completely normal. Remember, the body has been to hell and back with bulimia and it will take time to settle back into balance. For me it was a number of months before my bloating felt completely gone - but everybody is different. One thing is certain though - if you keep moving forward towards recovery, your body will heal. Your body wants to be healthy, energetic and full of life... Give it a good chance at healing and you will not regret it :)

You can use any type of kefir... For me I prefer coconut as I am a little sensitive to dairy. But either way, they have the beneficial bacteria :)


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