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tips to heal your digestive system after bulimia

by James Quilter
(London England)

I quit B/P about a year ago after suffering on and off for 2 years.. The B/P really caused problems with my digestive system (extreme constipation) and to this day I'm just realising how to help my body recover.. Its a slow process!..

I've started structuring my eating to 5-6 smaller meals per day. Some of which might consist of a protein shake or a vegetable juice to help the digestion. I found that eating stews really helped as the vegetables and meat were easy for my body to break down as they were soft.

Drinking green or peppermint tea before breakfast helped settle my stomach before eating. I also take a probiotic called Bio-Kult which has helped immensely with my bloating and digestion. Increasing water intake is a must as well reducing foods that are hard for your body to break down.. Eg- Nuts, red meat, processed foods.

Try to give yourself 3 hours between each main meal to allow your body to metabolise your previous consumption of food. Drinking Coconut water also helps restore your bodies natural levels of potassium as well replacing the electrolytes your body has lost due to constant purging. Raw goats yogurt is key for recovery as its soothing on the digestive tract while being high in good bacteria that will help put the good flora back in to your digestive tract. Raw goats yogurt is hard to find but ask at your local farms or farmers market and you should soon find a supplier.

E.g of my daily food intake.

6am:- Cup of peppermint tea.

6.30am:- Raw protein shake with vegetable juice + 2 probiotic (Bio-Kult)

9.30am:- 1 cup of oats with water with 1 mashed banana.

12.30:- Steamed white fish with small mashed sweet potato and steamed veg.

15.30pm:- Protein shake with water

18.30pm:- Chicken stew with mixed vegetable.

9.30pm:- Bowl of Raw Goats Yogurt with blueberries with 2 probiotics.

I'm still in recovery myself but my digestive issues are slowly improving. I still hope i havent damaged myself beyond full repair as i long to have my digestive system back to normal. Stay positive and good luck to all x

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