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times for eating in bulimia recovery

by rachel

Dear shaye,

I am doing pretty well with my recovery, your advice on binging on low fat foods like fruits and veggies just about saved me from relapsing multiple times! :)

I was wondering about eating times, I have heard about structured eating and everything, so I want to make my eating patterns regular and normal
so I eat breakfast in the morning and try to drink tea, then I'll have my lunch and a snack, but the problem is I usually exercise around 5-7, so I eat dinner around 8-9. I'll usually have a salad or something, lots of vegetables. I keep on hearing that if you eat past a certain time, like 7pm, you will gain weight. what do you think of this? Or how long should I wait between sleeping and eating my dinner?

I'm already bloated and have gained weight, but I don't want to worsen it or trigger more unnecessary weight gain by eating this late, even if it's a salad. I want to keep my metabolism going, and I really don't want to skip dinner or anything as it will ruin my "structured diet", and I don't want my body to feel like the last meal is like at 3-4 (1 hr before I exercise) any advice?


Shaye Says

Hi Rachel!

So good to hear from you again - and it sounds like you are making so much progress - well done :)

I normally eat my dinner at about 9.00pm - about an hour before I go to bed... And, it doesn't make me gain weight. I don't genuinely know how much truth there is to that old wives tale. Eating after you exercise is a great idea (and important to rebuild you muscles) so I think your eating times are just fine!

I think you could do with adding some protein into your dinner... After exercising, your body needs it to repair damaged muscles - which in turn improves your metabolism... So, maybe add a bit of chicken or steak with your salad? Even some cheese would help.

Keep up your amazing work Rach - the bloating will get easier! One day you'll look back on this and be so glad that you pushed through!


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