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Throwing Up in the Sand - A Shocking Bulimia Story

by not-so-sexy-beach-chick

The Beach Where I Was Spotted...

The Beach Where I Was Spotted...

Today I went for a walk at the beach nearby... A beautiful beach with black shiny sand and rugged wild cliffs... A scene that could come straight from a movie or novel.

However, I remember an incident that happened there which wasn't so romantic and beautiful.

An incident which left me feeling ashamed, pathetic, crazy...

I was having a picnic with my family... Which sounds nice, but to a bulimic... it's quite scary. Terrifying in fact - when there are no toilets around... Nothing but sand, sand dunes and tussock grass.

Of course I couldn't fight the urge to eat and eat and eat.

I ate so much that I couldn't possibly keep it in...

I started plotting. How could I throw up... Where could I throw up?

The beach was relatively quiet and the lifeguards were quite far away...

I decided to go for a walk in the sand dunes and throw up when I was out of sight.

So off I went, pretending to be trouble free and lost in careless thought... wandering down the beach and meandering around the sand dunes...

Until I was out of sight.

In this remarkably beautiful setting, I did a remarkably un-beautiful thing...

I vomited... and vomited... and vomited...

I'd stop for a rest to look around and make sure nobody was coming...

Then vomit again.

When I finally finished my horrendous acts, I wiped the splatters off my chin, buried the evidence, stood up tall and began walking around the sand dune back to normalcy.

It was only then that I spotted the beautiful lifeguard, with his golden skin and shining, sweaty muscles watching me from afar with his binoculars.

But, what could I do...? Nothing.

With a little less self-dignity, I signed deeply and walked with a heavy heart back to the picnic.

A Response From Shaye

Wow, what a well told story! Thank you for sharing it with everyone!

It's sad how so many memories from beautiful places/holidays/events are tainted with memories of throwing up and binge eating.

I really hope that you can now enjoy going to this beach (looks like Piha - I recognize it!)without the burden of bulimia.

I remember going to a beach once and panicking because I couldn't throw up... I decided to dig a hole in the sand, then lie with my head face down in it(as if I was sunbathing) and try to throw up...

It didn't work so well! I ended up with a sandy face and funny stares!

Take care xox

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