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throat discomfort

I have been fighting bulimia over the past 18 years. It's been on and off, sometimes I go a year without b/p, a month, a week, a few days. . .then I am back to a once a day, in the evening, vicious cycle.

Almost a month ago, after purging for a week straight, I woke up with an unfamiliar feeling in my throat. It didn't hurt, but felt tight and hard to swallow. I also have a lot of phlegm stuck there. I have been to the doctor and they say virus. It's been a month, no b/p and still have constant throat discomfort, along with rumbling stomach everytime I eat or drink, and I am always EXHAUSTED and feel sick.

I am so nervous I have done damage to myself that is irreversible. I have 3 wonderful children, a lot to live for. Are these effects of recovery or have I done more damage than most? I keep reading about bloating being the main effect after quitting. Also menstration problems. I have neither of these. I am drinking a lot of water, eating healthy and yet, never feel good. It may be stress, worry, or maybe effects of years of purging. Any advice?

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