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Those days, or weeks when...

by cammi

Hi shaye and hi to everyone else reading =)

I'm going through one of those weeks, when everyday when I wake up is a new start trying to do better than my messy yesterday, but it isn't supposed to be like this EVERY day.. its like if every morning is MONDAY "today i start my diet" and that kind of shit, that only tricks us.. But this week has been really hard to keep on going on a structurated meal plan, because all the time i feel like eating something, im craving all day, i just want SOMETHING, at noons after college when im trying to study there are times when I only think of going to grab something to eat, the other day i picked up and apple, but latter that same day, the binge came anyway..
I hate so bad these kind of days/weeks..

Does anyone else feels like this sometimes?? Can someone share some helpful tip or something to do when you are going through days like this..? i would really appreciate it right now!

I feel so down =( it makes me feel desperate, and so far away from recovery..

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