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This is my bulimia Story

by Marta-Maria

Well, what can I say?
i guess this started when i was 14
The main influence was my dad, he always wanted me to loose weight even though i wasn't fat or chubby.

i could never diet because i love food and at that time it seemed fine if i would eat anything i want and throw up occasionally. Unfortunately things got out of my control and the visits to the bathroom became more often.

In a while my parents found out and sent me to a ridiculously expensive clinic. I spent two weeks there. It was quite terrible, u were never allowed to close the door when going to the bathroom, u had to eat the whole meal and in small quantities, u were not allowed to leave the table for 30 minutes after your meal so that the food will be processed and u didn't throw up.
We had regular visits to the psychiatrist
At first, i hated it. But then a friend of mine, who was anorexic, died and I realized just how important all this is.

I was sent home and now i'm better. I still feel terrible and ashamed of that time, my parents never let me forget. I'm trying to love my body as it is, hopefully in time i will get better.
The hard thing was that i didn't have any support through that time and I still don't. But I believe in myself.

Just remember "If we caused it, we can fight it"

Well thats all,

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