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by Nicole Hardie
(waldorf , md)

This all started when I was 10 , I noticed I was gaining a little weight but I wasn't thinking anything of it until I was 11 almost turning 12 and I started not eating at all except 4-10 grapes a day maybe a sip of water but always they used to tell me at dinner to eat something , that was very HARD but I had to find a way so every time I would eat , And I mean as soon as I was done I was racing up to the bathroom and the first time I sat there for about 30 mins and it finally came out so I did that for about 3 -8 weeks (very long) and lost X pounds I wasn't feeling good ...... I passed out and woke up with 4 nurses, that doctor visit was very intense. I didnt think that I would get hurt but my bones were acting weak or whatever and Im so thankful Im telling this story .......right now , I have to go to bed but I'll finish later.ITS STILL VERY HARD AND VERY TEMPTING BUT IM TRYING LITTLE AT A TIME, WANT TO STOP THINKING ABOUT IT BUT CANT....SOMEONE HELP

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