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There is always a hope

by Doris

Hi, I'm one of the women in the world who suffer bulimia. This happend to me about 3 years ago. Now, i'm sitting in my living room, trying to search about bulimia disorder and i found this, and it seems like very good to share your story to others and i do this.
This is my story, i suffer bulimia when i'm 13 years old, that should be the age for women to start realize about body image. I'm not satisfied with my own body figure although my body is quite proportional after my chubby childhood body. But, how greedy i am, my parents sent me to study aboard that time and i start to bulimic there. In Singapore, i feel like i'm in food heaven. Tasty foods are everywhere. It supported my condition a lot. I binge and purge everyday but surprisingly for me, my weight in a constant measurement which is X kg and sometimes heavier. Everything getting even worse when i broke up with my bf, my life was getting meaningless each day unless binge and purge. When, i realize this was an illness, i also feel stressed and anxiety for everything and so i begged for my parents to sent me home and so on. In my hometown, my parents try to counsell and help me. I was always failed to recover as i was taking my own strength and others care without psychologist or therapy but as long as i really try hard, there will be an achievement i gained. Psychologist will only help for a while and it need a higher for me, all will depends how strong your desire to stop from bulimia, that word always come out from my family. Everyone days will turn good. Trust that, there is always a hope for everyone although how big the mistake u have made. Now, im getting better, although bulimic still happen to me. But i try as my best to control it. And it works out. Try to have faith in yourself, try to find more info about bulimic and how to stop it. Thats all about my story and for reader, keep moving on. Someday, we will be free from bulimia!

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