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The truth will set you free...

by Lauren H.

Hi everyone :)

I have had an eating disorder for 4 years. The thing is it began with anorexia. It has not been until the past year I've been stuggling with bulimia and finally decided I needed help. All of my struggles began with an innocent trip to the gym. Within 4 months I had dropped huge amounts of weight. But nothing was wrong as long as I was getting thinner. I would wrap myself in plastic wrap and run up and down the community stairs until I literally could not stand anymore. I restricted my intake and gained a huge list of fear foods. Long story short, I couldn't keep this up and binging was eventually introduced into the picture. Next came diet pills, laxatives,diuretics and at my worst I even got involved with hard drugs like speed. I would restrict for days and then binge so bad I would pass out. It took an onverdose on caffeine pills and ephedrine and an emergency room trip later to convince me I needed to stop.

Since I've began recovery I have gained x pounds. To be at a healthy weight for my body I have to gain x more...Sometimes it seems like I will never be happy with myself,especially x pounds heavier... but after reading the stories on this site I have hope :)

Thanks to anyone who took the time to read this. Even if nobody does I feel a weird sense of relief letting go of my secret. I know I still have a long journey ahead, but reading about how great life after bulimia is, is keeping my going. :)

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