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The Secret Purger.

by Jessica Lopez
(Houston, Texas)

Well I've been bulimic for almost a year now. Only 2 people know. That is my boyfriend and my best friend. I'm too ashamed to tell anyone else.
Most of the time when I purge is at work. I'm the #1 person that is running to the bathroom every 5 seconds. Yeah. Not to pee.. or wash my hands.. but to throw up something small. It could of been a piece of candy or an eggroll, or any beverage (besides water)

I would make sure that no one else was in the restroom... then id wash my hands, then go into the largest stall and gag myself to make whatever I just ate come back up. I'd do that til I felt empty. The sad thing is... is that I would get a high off of it in a strange demented way...I would repeat this 3 to 4 times a day....... I work 6 days a week. So I'm guessing that's pretty bad.

Yeah , that's my confession with #mia

Love, EDgirl_23

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