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The moment I knew I had to stop

by Ana

I started throwing up my food when I was 16 - my family owned a restaurant so I had endless food available all the time. It was really bad - some days it would be 4-5 times a day.

This continued through high school, college and now I'm in medical school! This illness is robbing me of my memory, my hair is thinning and with the stress of med school - it's thinning worse than it normally should. I can't remember the material as well as my peers do - and I have to spend extra hours going over the same thing. I get tired faster and am 7 x more exhausted than everyone else.

I was brushing my hair - and huge clumps started coming out. I looked in the mirror and realized I need to stop. I'm going to lose my looks, my brains, my bright future, and my career before it has even begun - and one that i have put in so much effort for. I am so lucky to be given the opportunities that I have and I will not let bulumia take it all away from me.

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