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The hell i am more than sick off!

by Aysha
(Thailand )

Living with bulimia is like living in hell...

No one knows how much it hurts to be suffering like this...

I started becoming bulimic 5 months ago - i abused the use of laxatives and now i cant live without using laxatives; i am 5'6 and X lbs - and i am 15 years old... i do have a good body shape but when i dont take laxatives my digestive system wont work and i will have this huge stomach popping out and it irritates me so i cant resist to take laxatives...

From 1 pill to 9 pills the last time i took it which was just 2 days ago now i am trying my best to not use laxatives... i am really willing to STOP bulimia and get back to living normal and healthy ... as i am so tired and i regret ever getting into this bulimia trap :( being a bulimic is no funnn - I hope people who want to start will change their minds...

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